Remember the MISSION.
Engage others in QOV
Make QOVs with love
Empathy and understanding
Make QOVs with gratitude
Be thankful
Energize your sewing… do something different and fun!
Remember who comes first — SERVICE MEMBERS AND VETERANS!
Value our veterans and service members
Eat chocolate for energy!
Thank our veterans and service members for our freedom
Enrich a veteran’s life with a QOV
Relax and enjoy time with fellow quilters
Always remember…
Never forget…
Show appreciation for the sacrifices they made for us! 

Capital Quilters has been creating quilts in honor of our service men and women and our veterans for a few years now.

In 2018, our quilters made over 40 - 30x60" wheelchair quilts and presented them to Jill Ermantrout, Fargo QOV,  our Quiltfest Convention in November.  See the slide show of quilts below...