Fat Quarter Bargello

This is a great project to learn the Bargello technique. You’ll create strip sets, slice and dice them, and arrange them using an alphabetical chart for amazing results. The finished wall hanging or table topper with borders will be 35” X 31”.

Supply List:

​1 yd. focus fabric (1/4 yd. for Bargello strips and ¾ yd. for border)

7 fat quarters or ¼ yd. cuts of fabric that coordinates with the focus fabric – Small prints that don’t have a one way design work best. Batiks work well. Fabrics in two colorways that range from light to dark are stunning in a Bargello. If you want to use one of these fabrics as a narrow border it is best to have a ¼ yd. cut, instead of a fat quarter, of at least one of your fabric choices.

¼ yd. binding (could be the same as one of the Bargello fabrics, you won’t need this for class)

1 1/8 yds. for the backing and rod pocket (you don’t need this for class)

Neutral thread that blends with your fabrics

Dark colored Sharpie marker

Rotary cutter and mat

6” X 24” ruler (I have several if you don’t have one)

Sewing machine in good working order

Basic sewing kit – pins, seam ripper, scissors, any other supplies you use

Cutting and Sewing Directions - to be done prior to class

Please cut, sew, and press your Bargello strips into 4 strip sets according to these directions.

Before class please cut your 8 Bargello fabrics into 4 – 2” X 22” strips.

Arrange the strips in a pleasing order (the focus fabric works well someplace in the middle.)

Sew them together with a scant ¼” seam allowance. Use a shorter-than-normal stitch length. (This is approximately a 2.0 on a sewing machine that has a stitch length range of 0-5.)

Place your second strip on top of the first strip, right sides together, with raw edges aligned. Sew the strips together along their long right-hand edge.

Place your fourth strip on the third strip and sew as you did the first 2 strips.

Continue sewing and pressing the strips in pairs before joining all the strips together. This helps prevent the finished strip set from becoming curved. Try and keep the strips even on one end of the completed strip set.

When you sew the strip pairs together, flip the pairs over and sew from the uneven end. This will also help keep the strip sets from curving.

You will have 4 “strip sets” with 8 fabrics each that are approximately 22” long (leave the selvages on).

On 2 of the strip sets, press the seam allowances up, toward your first fabric. On the remaining two strip sets, press the seam allowances down toward the last fabric. Press each seam as you sew, before sewing pairs together.

If you have any questions call or text Patty Steinert at 701-220-3686 

National Quilting Day

2:00 - 5:00 pm - Fat Quarter Bargello w/ Patty Steinert

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