Block Exchange​

Triple 4-Patch

Current number of participants:  20   

>> April 13, 2022 HINTS from Marlene

>> August 6, 2022 HINTS from Marilyn

Triple 4-Patch Block Exchange
Beginning: April 2022  
Ending: March 2023

Triple 4-Patch Block finishes at 6”,  or 6 ½” unfinished.

Join us for this enjoyable and scrappy block exchange.  All Capital Quilters members are welcome and encouraged to take part in this endeavor.  Have fun getting to know your fellow Capital Quilters members, make new friends, and make a quilt all at the same time!

The Triple 4-Patch block exchange is intended to be a SCRAP BUSTER!  No fabric shopping needed.  Use your stash and scraps!

Golden Rule of Block Exchanges:

“Give blocks unto others that you would want others to give unto you.”   

  • Use 100% cotton, superior quality, quilt shop quality.
  • Do your best work
  • Follow the pattern
  • Press your blocks
  • Trim your blocks to the unfinished size of 6 ½ inches

Click here for the full information page for the
Triple 4-Patch Block Exchange. 

Click here for the tutorial, Triple Four Patch Block, by American Patchwork and Quilting.  The project sheet can be downloaded from APQ for your personal use.

The block exchange runs until March 2023.  Plenty of time to join in the fun.  Contact a member of your Membership Committee to sign-up.  Click here to send a request,  comments, or suggestions.