Monthly Workshop Supply List

Saturday, September 9th

Sewing Machine Maintenance

            w/ Cindy Barnhardt, J&R Vacuum & Sewing Center

​Cindy knows sewing machines!  She shares that she’s been a sewer since she was 10 yrs old but lost interest in junior high, and hated Home Ec in high school.  Her interest was renewed when sewing machines became more “user friendly”.  Now she prefers solving the mechanical troubles of uncooperative machines.

Join us for a “hands on” workshop and learn the tips, tools, and tweaking you need to keep your sewing machine ready for action.  Bring your machine, ALL makes and models are welcome, and some scrap fabric to sew.  If you have an embroidery unit, bring that too.  Cindy will share advice on keeping that running smoothly.  Learn about proper cleaning, threading, oiling, bobbins, and minor adjustments.  And when to call in a REAL technician for problem solving.

Some tools to bring:

  • Your sewing machine, thread, scrap fabric
  • Small lint brush
  • Screw driver for needle plate
  • Screw driver for bobbin case
  • Oiler

Cindy plans to have some “micro tools” available for purchase by those interested.  The tools attach to any vacuum cleaner and are used for proper cleaning of your machine.  Plan to join us for a fun and informative workshop!